Research Services

Quark + Lepton Research Services enable clients with an independent assessment of their technology plans. With services such as solution and platform evaluation, business alignment analysis, new technology assessment and project analysis, Quark + Lepton provides valuable insights.

Solution and Platform Evaluation

Solution and Platform Evaluation assists clients in selecting application solutions, development tools and methodologies, databases, and/or server and storage platforms for major deployments. A detailed evaluation of solution fit enables an understanding of how any potential new solution will meet business requirements and impact current operations.

Business Alignment Analysis

Business Alignment Analysis reviews current and planned IT investments in organizations to determine how well these align with corporate business goals. The objective is to determine which areas support, and which may be dysfunctional to realization of these goals. Recommendations are then made to improve alignment.

New Technology Assessment

New Technology Assessment provides clients with an assessment of how they should consider exploiting new technologies. In today's world of rapidly changing technology and sudden market shifts, it is imperative to carefully evaluate the promise of new technologies and develop a roadmap for exploitation.

Project Analysis

Project Analysis provides clients with an assessment of current deployment projects, and identifies any issues that may inhibit successful implementation. Identification of troublesome issues and analysis of potential warning signs enable organizations to correct potential problems in a thoughtful, timely manner.

Research Coverage

Market-insights and practical guidance help our clients determine the most effective ways to respond to market changes that may impact complex IT decisions and deployments.


  • Agile Development
  • Application modernization
  • Cloud computing
  • Core banking systems
  • Enterprise cloud infrastructure
  • ERP & CRM systems
  • HA & disaster recovery
  • VMware integration


  • Blade servers
  • Integrated servers & storage
  • Mainframe economics
  • Server consolidation
  • Server virtualization solutions
  • Transactional appliances
  • UNIX & x86 servers
  • TBD


  • Analytical appliances
  • Data integration software
  • Data warehouse software
  • Distributed database architecture
  • Hadoop applications
  • Hadoop distributions
  • Operational BI
  • Real-time applications


  • Distributed file systems
  • Enterprise disk storage
  • Flash storage arrays
  • Midrange disk storage
  • Storage management software
  • Storage virtualization solutions
  • Software defined storage
  • TBD
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